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Our company is managing and processing large amounts of information on our people at work in 7 different locations throughout Vietnam . Accordingly, the use of business software is very necessary for us to reduce manual work and save time for everyone in our company. SureHCS is currently used in all our business activities. It has fulfilled our business requirements

Ms. Vy,Tran Thi Thuy – HR Manager – Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam Ltd

“We value the features of SureHCS highly because they have fulfilled the business requirements of ACV. In addition, its implementation team worked very enthusiastically and effectively, so the project was accomplished very quickly. We could only entrust our most important data to an experienced partner that was Lac Viet. SureHCS has helped us to manage not only human resources but also human capital in a timely and comprehensive manner. During the period of the project, its technical team helped us to overcome many difficulties by providing the best services enthusiastically. We are very pleased to work with Lac Viet Computing Corporation, especially with its SureHCS implementation team.”

Mr. Dung, Duong Tien– HR Department – ACV Corp.

“Lac Viet SureHCS has met AIC’s human resource requirements, helping AIC to more effectively focus on human resources. In terms of quality of service, we highly appreciate the enthusiasm and expertise of the deployment consultant team, which makes software deployment more convenient. Besides, we also trust Lac Viet in delivering data to the system”

Ms. Lương, Hoang Thi – C&B Manager – AIC Group